Connected Vehicle Plans

Drive deeper engagement with driver while developing new revenue streams in-vehicle.

We help automakers, tier 1 providers, telematics providers, and fleets build new revenue streams and stronger user experiences.

AppDirect greatly reduces time to market for connected vehicle features, apps, and services, empowering your company to take an agile approach to meet the continuously evolving needs of your customers. Rapidly launch and deploy data services, change billing practices on the fly, and reduce dependency on costly and complex IT resources. Contact us today to learn more.

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Drive Innovation

with a robust cloud marketplace. Ideal for working with OBD-II or other connected car add-on devices.

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Drive Business

by delivering and selling value adding features, apps, services and data. Ideal for automakers and tier 1 electronic suppliers. of complimentary products.

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Billing 1 1
Pricing Management 1 1
Identity & Access Management 1 1
License Management 1 1
Reporting & Reconciliation 1 1
Vehicle Profiling & Enrollment 1 1
Product Lifecycle Management 1 1
Product Listings 1 1
Marketplace 1 1
AppDirect Network Catalog Optional 1
Partner Management Optional 1
Push Distribution Optional 1
Sub-Marketplaces Optional 1
Data Broker Optional 1
AppReseller Optional 1
AppHelp Optional Optional
AppInsights Optional Optional
Hardware Sales Optional Optional
Vehicle Groups Optional Optional


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