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Jaguar Land Rover case study

The connected car is now a reality, and AppDirect is helping automotive manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover to deliver a best-of-breed information and entertainment system right to the dashboards of their cars worldwide.


Connected vehicle platform datasheet

Our Connected Vehicle Platform addresses the needs of automotive manufacturers looking to enable in-vehicle infotainment and commerce while managing new features, apps, and IoT services for the driver. 


Can connected cars drive IoT monetization?

IoT value is created by solving a problem: IoT monetization is created to enhance the solution. Here are the 4 ways connected cars can better monetize IoT plays aimed at consumers and define new revenue streams.


Case studies

  • Sahara Presentation Systems: Offering a Unique and Powerful Canvas for Education
  • BASE Company: A telephony and broadband internet provider operated by KPN Group Belgium
  • Amplify: Re-imagining the way teachers teach and students learn in K12 education


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